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My Story


My name is Ashley and I registered my Photography business "Ashley Brooks Photography" in July 2009 (after college) although my love for photography started much earlier. In high school I studied the art of black and white film, the darkroom, and the intimacy that black and white film had to offer. The carful selection of composition, lighting, and exposure taught me so much that I still use today. Most of my Photography program college pupils had never stepped foot in a darkroom, and none of the photographers after our generation will. While in college I learned many valuable skills in the digital world of photography. Between high school and college I had won three awards in photo competitions. After college I immediately started working as a photographer on a cruise ship in Europe. It was an experience that taught me to work hard, fast, and to never take working in Canada for granted, EVER. That was the toughest job I've ever had, rewarding, but tough. When I returned home I decided right then and there that I would never charge a ridiculous amount of money for my work, I knew what it was like to work in harsh conditions for such little pay. Returning to Canada and working under my own conditions for people I enjoyed being around was a luxury so many photographers in other industries don't get to control. I currently live in Woodstock Ontario with my husband & son, and travel all over Southwestern Ontario for photography sessions. My last name has changed, but my business has not… my 5-year, 10-year, 30-year plan to make my clients and myself happy. My prices are now (and will always be) much lower than those of other photographers within my same skill level.



In my 9 years of professional photography experience, I have had the privilege to shoot many events and people. 

Skilled in the following areas of photography:  



weddings: Ontario or destination 



children (6months and up) 


and pets 

Special events and live bands by request  

Willing to travel, portable studio, and flexible photo session times available.



What should we wear for our photo session?
Family/Engagement Portraits: Try and coordinate without looking dorky. Choose either a grey, navy, white or black base colour with an accent colour that everyone incorporates somehow. The KEY is choosing a minimum of two-three colours, and using only THOSE colours in different ways.   

Children: If it's one child on their own, anything is possible. A whole rainbow of colours IF you want. If there's more than one child, the same rule applies as above, 3 colour rule. DON'T have the wear identical outfits, but have them coordinate instead. 

Cake Smash: choose ONE colour that's in the cake's icing (ex: Blue icing around the edge of the cake) and dress the baby in ONLY that colour to cover their diaper. Things that look best: blue jean shorts for a boy, or a bloomer for a girl. Typically no top, however some parents prefer to have baby girls in a onesie instead of a bloomer, personal preference on that one. 

Should we do our photos Inside or Outside? Whenever given the choice, always choose outside. Better, more natural light and an amazing outdoor backdrop can make all the difference in a photograph. I have a studio space where I do headshots, and photos of little ones indoors during the colder months. These studio images can be just as precious, but outside is more aesthetically pleasing. That being said, if you have children under the age of 5-years-old outdoor winter photos are not ideal. Children have very light complexions, and the brightness of the snow can wash them out, also being all bundled up in winter wear takes away from their facial expressions.    

Why don't you prefer to take photographs of newborn babies? It is not my BEST work. I'm secure enough to know what I am good at, and what I am not. The images I produce from newborn shoots are nowhere near Anne Geddes quality. Other photographers have mastered that style, and I have not. Those photographers charge upwards to $900 for a newborn session. I will do simple portraits of a newborn baby if a client asks me to because they don't want to pay that much for a photo session. Personally, I think the Anne Geddes imitation newborn photos are beautiful, it's art. But not everyone needs a photo of their seven-day-old newborn baby hanging from a piece of cloth on a tree branch, I get that, and I'm here for those people if they like my 'simple' images of newborns. I am always honest with quality of work, and am able to refer clients to excellent photographers if that is what they are looking for.   

What do I get what I hire Ashley? When you hire me to do your photos you pay a flat fee of $150 for an hour session, and with that you get a private online gallery of all your images fully/perfectly processed and edited that are print ready. You can choose to share your photos online, and print as you wish. You and I share the rights to the images, so there is no need to contact me for individual prints or my name plastered all over your photos online. Wedding prices are not $150/hour, please contact for more information on Weddings.  

How long will it take to get my photos back? My turn-around time is roughly one week for sneak peeks, and three weeks for delivery of your gallery password. Certain times of the year are more busy than others, so sneak peeks might take a little more time, but not too much longer. If you prefer not to have your images put online that is not a problem at all, I always ask first. 

Is being a photographer your "full time" job?  Yes!! Aside from having a two-year-old son, and babysitting friend's children on occasion, my full attention goes into my passion of Photography.